Women’s Easy and Essential Makeup Tips for Fall

Women’s Easy and Essential Makeup Tips for Fall 1

Fall is the best time around in the year but with the glamorous weather comes patchy lips and broken skin, leading us to search up for makeup tips for fall. Nobody wants to end up with a cakey-looking skin or a broken foundation. And don’t even go to eyes – patchy eyeshadow is the least thing that we want. Many ladies out there want to go for a morning to night look but with weather like fall, it takes a lot of tips and tricks to keep the foundation and makeup intact without any breakouts.

Following are some of our favorite tips that will help you flaunt a look all day and night without any cracks or breaking foundation. Say goodbye to patchy lips or stretchy skin. Grab a moisturizer, a pen and paper and start writing down the best makeup tips for fall.

Moisturize and Prep with Primer

Primary reason why our skin starts to look cakey even with little foundation in fall is because our skin feels dehydrated especially this time of the year. To combat that, the best way out is to get a perfect moisturizer that is both budget friendly and helpful. To top your look, grab a good primer and use it after moisturizer. Whatever little job moisturizer will lack to perform, primer will make sure to intact and fill the gaps. It holds the foundation in a flawless finish for hours! Elf is the best inexpensive product with the coolest primer – visit Old Navy to get this prime in just $8.

Wear Dark Lips and Intact Those Lashes

Fall is the perfect time to sport some burgundy and plum lip colors. Of course you can wear these colors in summer. But these colors have a tendency to bleed and so women end up looking like vampires. The benefit of fall is that weather keeps these lips from smudging, and so even if you are going to office in the morning, you can add colors to the look at night by removing nude lips with burgundy. And don’t forget to intact your lashes by layering them up with best water-proof mascara. Try Macys to get Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real Big Lash Blowout in reasonable price.

Tan the Skin

Fall and winter are those time of the year where you need tan more than ever. In summer a paler skin does not look as odd as it looks in fall. So, if you can, always touch up your tan every now and then. However, if you do not have enough time to tan up because of hectic schedule, there’s a better way out. Since we do not expose much of our skin during this time around then the best way is to get sheer foundation in nude. This will add a tint of complexion and since our face is the most paler looking part of our body, adding tint to it will definitely add more definition to your face.

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