What’s In My Bag? Makeup Essentials for Travelling

What’s In My Bag? Makeup Essentials for Travelling 1

When you are out and about exploring new places, it is the best time for you to get makeup essentials for travelling packed in your bag. While you are on the wheel or plane, meeting new people, visiting new places then you need to look good and at your best. Of course, one cannot possibly pack all the makeup products one adores, but the best we can do is to keep the essentials with us.

We know the struggle of packing is real and one is never satisfied of the items one narrow down for packing. And so we all end up with overloaded luggage that is hard to carry. Fortunately, we are here with the best shortlist of beauty items you can easy carry around in your handbag while you are on your vacations. Let’s have a look at our makeup essentials for travelling.

Prep that Skin with Sunscreen

Wherever you are planning to go, the temperature could be good or bad – you may get colder atmosphere or a sweaty one. Either way a sunscreen in your bag never does anybody harm. In fact, sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin whilst you are traveling in the day time. Get a good SPF carrying sunscreen. However, if you are one of those people who cannot wear it because of skin issues then turn towards an oil and shiny control pour perfect like Benefit’s pore minimizing makeup from Macys.


Concealer can easily provide the best coverage to your skin. It can hide discoloration and dark circles in a single go. If you are using a sunscreen then top it up with a concealer. However if you are alternating sunscreen with a moisturizer than our above suggested pore minimize will do the job of a concealer perfectly well. Since you are travelling, we recommend you should skip the foundation and work your way in your skin with concealer only.


One can simply skip eyeshadow but one can never go around flaunting their look without eyeliner. This product is a must. It can turn sleepy, tired eyes into a lively, picture-perfect scene with just one go. Whether you like to simply line your eyes with it or you like to go overboard with cat-eyes, your call. Get Elf’s cream liner from Old Navy in just $4. It is cheap and easily portable.

Blush for the Cheeks and Lips

A nice sheer pink lipstick or a plum colored one can save us girls from a lot of trouble. While our options for carrying makeup on our way out are limited, we can still kill two things with a single arrow. Rather than keeping both blush and lipstick in your bag, why not just keep your favorite lipstick and let it do the work of blush? After applying it on your lips dab a little on the apple of your cheek and blend it in. You will be surprised to see how wonderful you will look.

These are all our favorite makeup essentials for travelling that we like to pack. What are yours?


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