Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine Day Gift Idea for Him & Her

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s that sweet time of year when you let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you. Valentine’s Day gifts, whether big or small, should be a sweet gesture that shows your loved one just one how much they mean to you. With just a little research, finding the perfect gift for your sweetie can be easy as pie.

So whether you’re in a relationship or happily single, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas for celebrating, from the best gifts on the day of love.

Romantic Gifts

Wine & Food Tours

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a couple is always having someone to make memories with. And what else could be better than taking your loved one to a food tour or wine tour in or out of your city? If you choose a place near your city you’ll have the chance to spend time together doing something enjoyable and out of the ordinary. Plan ahead of time and reserve a place and have a lovely time.

Bouquets & Flowers

Though most common of the things to gift yet the effect these flowers or a beautifully arranged bouquet leave is unmatchable. A good thing about flowers is they can go along with any type of gift. It is just another level of being romantic.

Personalized Gifts

A Personalize Necklace

Whether you met your loved one on a beach in the tropics or may just buy your first house together in a bright sunny place, you can always use a personalized necklace to commemorate the most important place or time in your relationship. This will always keep on reminding you and will make your relation more active than ever.

sonalized Photo Book

There are always memories that are worth looking back. These are the memories that bring a smile on the faces of those who have been part of it. Taking pictures together is something which keeps that moment in time always fresh in our memory and help in reliving those moments as they are just being passed right away. Create a special personalized photo book and gift it to your loved one.

Personalized Greeting Card

It is time to up the ante for your partner. Make a personalized greeting card and surprise your loved one. There are personalized greeting cards available online everywhere but making one by yourself would make him/her feel the extra sweetness of your love. You can always browse DIY methods of creating a personalized love card or can use your imagination. One thing is for sure, with a gift like this, your cupid’s arrow will hit straight to the heart.

Gift for Avid Cook

A unique and brilliant idea. If she loves to cook then a personalized wood cutting board would put a spell that is simply unbroken. Create one and get special veggies and other yummiest dishes at dinner and lunch.

For fashionista Lover

Yes, we live in a modern era but makeup is something which has to remain a priority for the women of fashion. If your lover is the same type, then a personalized makeup box would probably be the best thing that she can have on valentine`s day. Since this makeup box is going to be with her all the time, she will remember you every time she grabs lip-gloss on the go.

Extra Special Gifts

Concert Ticket

Music is something that plays an important role in binding us together especially when you have the same taste. What about surprising your partner by giving him or her a concert ticket and that too of your favorite band. A time well spent which will go down the memory lane as one of the best.

A Relaxing Massage

As strange as it may seem to you but this one is really trending. Opt for a couple massage and relax all your senses. Or you can also gift a massage or spa day for your loved one.

A Surprise Vacation

This one really spices it up. There is nothing better than a surprise vacation. Book a destination that you both have talked about to go to and make this day a very special one. Do your research, set a budget for yourself and book the place. You must act quickly as most of the hotels and resort around the world are usually pre-booked for valentine`s day.

Nerdy Love Gifts

Graphic Tee

It is great to gift your love partner something they can actually use, like a t-shirt and that too with a special love message for him/her. Make it personal by picking one that they’ll really get excited about.

Board Games

Add a brand new activity which you too can enjoy a lot together, like gifting your sweetie a board game. Skip the traditional games like Monopoly and get a game like What Do You Meme? Or Wit’s End for a night of fun and laughs. Or if you really want to heat things up, get a flirty “adult” card game. Go for something which you both have a tendency to play and can enjoy making your time memorable.

A Copy of Your favorite Book

This one is easy and romantic and yet effective in describing your feelings for them. Pick up a copy of your favorite book and gift it to your love with a personalized message written inside the front cover. Let him/her read about your thoughts and feelings that you might not be able to describe in words.

Custom Cuff Links

Buying your partner a gift of cuff links is romantic and iconic at the same time. A gift which may carry his favorite movie or movie character. This will ultimately show how much you love, care and respect his choices.

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