Three (3) Tips How to Dress Well During Summer

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When we go out and look around in the streets in summer, our eyes meet two types of women:

1) who are overly dressed and 2) who are dressed exactly to turn the heads in awe.

Dressing up in summer is an art that not every knows how to master, which is why many ladies out there find it super hard to pick the ideal dress for the sunny weather. And because of that, we witness a lot of mistakes out in the streets, including t-shirts that are uneven in size and don’t complement the pants, comfortable sandals that are out of style, capris that are dressed up in an unflattering style, extra tight t-shirts and even extra tight pants, uncovered bellies, and so on.

In order to avoid these unappealing mistakes, we are listing down below some of the tips that might help you flaunt around in pretty dresses during summer.

Find Dresses According to Your Body Shape

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Knowing your body type is super important. Especially for women, getting to know your body shape is a must in order to find clothes that fit accordingly. Find out your body type by taking correct measurements of your body and then searching up online to figure out whether you are pear shape, inverted triangle, apple, or hourglass. Take the figure apple for instance – they look much more flattering in tops that are wider around the tummy but fitter around the bust.

Keeping it Simple

Yes, summers are all about colorful floral patterns in parties and surroundings, but it does not mean that you have to pick the most uncomplimentary color combination just to prove that you are wearing something for the hot sun. Even if you are into floral prints, choose the ones that are breezy but elegant. It is hire to find such prints elsewhere but on stores that are known to offer the best summer deals. Old Navy, Macy’s, KOHLS, TOMS are our favorite picks to shop from during summers as they not only have the best clothing line in-store but they also offer discount deals that are hard to resist.

PS, mix and match colors only when you are confident enough that your color selection is solid. Play with patterns and colors that are universally proven to look best in combinations.

Don’t Show off the Inner Garments

We get it – it is hot and you like wearing light clothes, but that does not mean that you always have to roam around with visible inner garments. They do look fine with some combination outer clothes, but not always. Also, make sure not to pick too thin clothes or wear white ones over and over again as it can clearly show the inner mistakes that women often make in picking inner garments.

Most importantly, don’t forget to pick something that fits perfectly on your body. It is summer and you cannot hide a mistake by wearing a coat over an ill fitting t-shirt. So make sure your clothes are perfectly synchronizing with your dimensions.

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