Here are Smart Hacks to Keep Clothes New and Fresh

Here are Smart Hacks to Keep Clothes New and Fresh 1

Clothes are something that is dear to us so we try all the tricks we see online, all the hacks to keep clothes new and clean. Of course, none of us can insure a lifelong intactness of the clothes but little care can do wonders. The shirt that you were able to wear only a couple of weeks can secure life for months. Keeping our clothes clean, tidy, and away from hideous smell is not as hard you probably think it is.

Four hacks to keep clothes new

Following are some of the tips that we like to share with you to get your clothes safe from smell, stains, and other damages.

    1. Baby Powder To the Rescue

You don’t have to own fancy ingredients to get rid of oil stains, because baby powder can do the trick. Imagine you own this gorgeous Karen Scott white dress from Macy’s that is available in 15% discount when you use below macy’s coupon code:

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You went to a party and you ended up with an oil stain on it. What to do? Here’s when baby powder comes handy. Rub it on the stain, leave overnight and wash away! Simple!

    1. Lemon Juice or Baking Soda?

We use lemon juice for tons of beauty care tricks. We also apply baking soda on our face to keep it smooth and acne-free. But what about our clothes? You can preserve your clothes by applying both of these ingredients on underarm sweat stains. This is a special trick for those who sweat a lot. Applying these ingredients is one of the fun hacks to keep clothes new.

    1. Wash the Roughness Away

If you wash our t-shirts quite a lot of time because we wear them often, what happens is that it gets rough. You have a certain stiffness that does not go away. All you need to do is to take 1 quarter of water and a half cup of salt. Put the shirt in this salt water mixture and keep the shirt soak overnight. The next day, you will find your shirt as good as new.

    1. Vinegar for the Jeans

We all wear our jeans more than one time. Some people even sport their jeans around for a whole week. So, the clothes that we wear so much need special care. Vinegar can be our favorite ingredient for the hacks to keep clothes new. Adding vinegar in the final round of our washing can preserve the quality and color of jeans.

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