Step by Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Cat Eyeliner

Step by Step Guide to Creating the Perfect Cat Eyeliner 1

One of the trickiest parts of makeup is applying the perfect cat eyeliner to both eyes without smudging or ending up with a raccoon-looking face. Even ladies who are experts in other departments like contouring or eyebrow filling, they still lack in the field of applying perfect cat eyeliner. Some end up with uneven wings, other just have one liner thicker than the other one. If you are one of these ladies then sweat not. It may be tricky to get the best eyeliner on, but it is never impossible. This is why we are here with some of the tricks and tips that might come handy.

Prep Those Eyes

If you are going out and there’s a big event you want to attend then you first need to prepare your eyes. By that, we mean get ready by applying your favorite eyeshadow or the one that goes well with your dress. If you really want the colors to pop then you should go for the eye primer first and then eyeshadow. This will give a perfect base on which you can work your way with the liner.

Get the Perfect Eyeliner

Make sure you have a nice liner in your makeup kit. You don’t want to opt for something that is poor in quality. Check out Macys for the perfect eyeliners from some amazing brands. You can also get 15% discount on Macys beauty products by using the Macys coupon code: FRIEND.

The Nose to Eyebrow Technique

In order to create the perfect cat eyeliner, you need to know the right angle for the wing. For that, place a brush’s tip to your nose and point its end to where your eyebrow is ending. This line is what needs to be followed to create a perfect wing. To make the tip of the wing, mark a dot and follow it to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat the same process on the other eye. Now draw a line from the corner of the wing to the middle of your upper lash line and fill in the gap with the liner.

The Clear Tape Technique

Another way of creating a perfect wing can be done with the help of a clear tape. Take a small piece of clear tape. Place one end at the corner of your eye whilst the other should be positioning the top towards the temple. Follow the line of the tape to create a line from the top to the corner of your eye and repeat the same process of eyeliner described above. Once done, carefully peel off the tape.

End your look with some mascara and you will be all set and good to go. Make sure you get your hands on some nice waterproof eyeliner so that your look can last longer.

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