Everything You Need to Host a Fourth of July Party

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Arranging nicely planned Fourth Of July (Independence Day) party is obviously not a piece of cake. Yes, you can always organize something on the very last minute but the chances are pretty high that your unplanned, eleventh-hour party may go down the drain. July the guests you want to invite are already booked elsewhere, may be the food you are ordering is already grungy or may be the there is no exciting theme in your party which is definitely going to make it look boring.

So what’s that magical thing that is going to make your event the most happening of all? Planning! Planning beforehand is a must. Take out your notebook and pen because we are about to tell you some of the exciting tips that are going to save your day.

Set The Theme and Send Those Invites

You have a pretty feasible option to make invitations on the Evite without having to go through the trouble of sending pretty summons to all of your friends. But as easy as these online cards may look, getting a real invitation through mail has its own charm. Why not ditch the online world on this patriotic occasion and make cute invites at home? You may as well get them printed, the choice is totally yours. But make sure that your invites highlight the theme of your party loud and clear. The last thing you want is people showing up to your party venue without knowing what sort of dress they were expected to be wearing.

Since it is Fourth of July, the basic themes to follow stick around patriotic, red, blue, or white theme, but if you are planning to be a little more challenging you can add themes like Hippie party, Patriotic Scavenger Hunt Party, Disco Party, White Trash party, and many more.

Bring in the Food

We are not talking about decorating little munch bowls here and there, but we are talking big. We are talking fancy cakes and red and blue cocktails and a lot more. You can make your guest corroborate with the food by assigning a couple of things to them. The best way to do is to ask for suggestions rather than just throwing tasks at your guests. If you are not comfortable with this idea, arrange food yourself. Make cakes and desserts at home. If you aren’t a good cook, you always have an option of getting the food from the market. Want to make the party more lavish? Hire a baker to work for you following the theme of Fourth of July.

Decorate Away

There is no Fourth of July party if you cannot witness lots of blue, red and white. Sticking to the colors of flag is the best way to get the decoration right on tracks. Since we are talking about planning before the time, it is crucial to go on a party supplies hunt and get the best items you can for the big day. If you think decorating the venue all by yourself is too much, you can always hire any online party suppliers to do the work for you. For instance, at Shindigz customers not only get the ideal party supplies according to their themes but they also get discount using a Shindigz coupon code.

You can always choose the DIY options at these online decoration sites and mix things up according to your taste. Just make sure to reserve your order at least a week before the event as Fourth of July is the busiest day in America.

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