How to Ace the Everyday No-Makeup Makeup Look

How to Ace the Everyday No-Makeup Makeup Look 1

When you are new to the world of makeup, you get to hear the everyday no-makeup makeup look by literally all the makeup lovers and gurus. And you probably think to yourself, how do we call a look no-makeup when we are actually applying makeup? This is a question that pops in almost all of our minds when we are new to the world of makeup. That being said, it is absolutely possible to achieve a subtle everyday no-makeup makeup look with some goodies.

This look is especially helpful for the teen girls out there. So without further ado, let’s jump to the business.

Say No to Foundation

Since we are dealing with a no-makeup look, foundation is not required. It is because we are no need to provide a complete coverage to our face. However, if you have breakouts or naughty pimples here and there, you can cover them up by using a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Make sure you first moisturize your face so that concealer could glide and blend on perfectly well.

One Eyeshadow

As a teenager or a college girl, you do not need to splurge much on eyeshadows. Even if you are a working woman going for a no-makeup makeup look then there’s no need to choose multiple colors for the eyes. A color darker than your skin tone or something from the family of champagne color will be perfect. Also, a cream eyeshadow is ten times better than powdery ones specifically for this look. For instance, this amazing Bobby Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Beach Honey from Macys is perfect for everyday look. Get it in discount by using the Macys Coupon Code: FRIEND today.

Mascara for the Lashes

Eyeliner creates a bolder look while mascara keeps thing light. It balances off the look by bringing life to the eyes. With mascara, skipping eyeliner does not seem a total miss out. Also, mascara creates a more awake look by opening up the look of your eyes. So invest on some good water proof mascara that could go all day long along with your creamy shadow.

Natural Blush

We cannot keep the face pale looking as definition needs to be added on your cheek as well. That is attainable with the help of blush. Blush brings life to your face just as mascara brings vividness to the eyes. But, for a natural look, it is crucial to stick to blushes that are more natural looking. For instance, a light rose blush is a perfect choice for no-makeup looking.

Tint those Lips

Finally, it is the turn for lips. For a natural look, a nude color is all you need to finish off your look. However, you can also complete makeup by adding a light pink tint to your lips that resembles to the color you used on your cheeks.

This everyday no-makeup makeup look is perfect for working women and teenagers with less time in hands early in the morning. Ladies who prefer subtle looks can also find this makeup helpful and trendy.

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