New York City: Best Events to Attend This Fourth of July

new york city 4th july events

It is United State’s birthday and we cannot wait to share with you our top most favorite events in the New York City.

New York City is always the most happening one with the best exciting events ready for every occasion. If you are a patriot who wants to see the world’s best Independence Day celebration than visiting NYC is a must.

Many traveling agencies are offering Independence Day USA deals with the price tags that are most certainly affordable. If you have not had the pleasure of pre-planning a rock-on Fourth of July holiday then spending the big day in NYC is going to be your life-changing decision. Why? It is because New York is all ready and dolled up to host one of the best events inspired by the blues and reds of the patriotic day.

Below are some of our favorite activities that should not be missed.

1. Riis Park Beach Bazaar

People behind the Brooklyn Night Bazaar are back with one of the most extraordinary historic ceremonies at the Jacob Riis Park. This wondrous place is going to be jam-packed with tasty food merchants like Ample Hills Creamery, Ed & Bev’s Diner, Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue and many more. Live music will be played all along with special Independence Day edition Josai deeja and many more unforgettable things.

2. Midsummer Night Swing

Shakespeare would definitely be proud to see David Ostwald’s famous Eternity Band hitting the stage with best Jazz music. Here at Lincoln’s Center, you can show off your fancy dance moves along with your partner. If you doubt your footwork, come early and get free dance classes in the honor of Fourth of July.

3. Macy’s Fireworks

If you are willing to become the eye-witness of the finest fireworks in the whole wide world than Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks is something that you should not even dare to miss. Set all your plans aside and watch the massive 60,000 choreographed fireworks for half an hour. This ceremony is going to be spread between the 24th to 41st streets on the East River which makes the fireworks a one of a kind experience.

4. The Beach Party

When in New York, it is impossible to miss out on a lavish Fourth of July Beach party. Dedicate your day to the Coney Island Beach in Brooklyn. You can come here as early as the midnight of 3rd July till the Independence Day’s morning. Have the best booze, hear the best music, and witness the wonderful fireworks at the beach view that is going to keep your patriotic side alive.

5. Travis Parade

Are you feeling a little adventurous? Willing to attend America’s oldest yet practiced Fourth of July parade? Why not head towards the Staten Island’s Travis parade that is packed with cheering spectators, marching bands, colorful floats, and flags with blue, red, and white?

6. Eating Contest

This one is for the foodies who can do anything to get free food. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog is a treat for all of the food lovers out there who can gulp down bulks of hot dogs with a burp. This event is known as the world’s best eating contest happening this July yet again at the Coney Island so put your loose trousers on and enjoy the best hot dogs in the world.

The aforementioned happenings are precious and treat to the eyes. Get travel deals of Independence Day and stay for at least three days to witness all the wonderful events in the city that never sleeps.

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