Keep it Classy On Your First Day: What to Wear to a Job Interview

Keep it Classy On Your First Day: What to Wear to a Job Interview 1

What to wear to a job interview is the first question that pops into our mind the day we receive a confirmation interview call from our dream company. A lot of people do not consider this part important, and these are the ones that regret not deciding up front their power dress. Of course, your appearance will be the first thing that anyone will notice. It is the first thing that is going to either make an impression or break it. And so, in order to win some hearts right when you walk into the interview boardroom, you need to follow some tips and tricks.

Here we are with some ideas that are going to put a lasting impression on your boss-to-be. It is time for you to add some classy, business dress to your wardrobe.

Suit it Up

It is a shame that many people do not believe in the idea of wearing suits to the office. No matter how many fashion trends come and go, suits are the one staying with us forever. A guy in a three piece suit automatically begins to make an alluring impression as he walks by, and the same thing goes for a woman.

Many well-reputed companies around the world prefer suits over any other business dress code. Therefore, the best way to prepare is to invest in a fine suit. If you are having second thoughts, try to reach someone who you know works within the organization. Or better yet just observe from the parking lot as workers come out for lunch or off time. Macys has the best pantsuit available for women that you should definitely check if you don’t have any in your closet.

Wear Less Makeup

No matter how much wild you want to go with your lips and eyeliner, when it comes to a job interview, less is more. Set this motto of your life and make sure you are never wearing a bold lip color – not until you are required to. A lot of women who work in a fashion industry tend to have bold lips and trendy suits as a dress code in their companies. Other than that, it is advised to wear as less as possible. Neutral eyes with nude lips are enough to do the job for you.

Business Casual

If the company you are going in for an interview ask for a business casual dress code then it may confuse you. The idea is to just drop any informal dress and stick to the decent ones. And by that we mean no t-shirts, no jeans or trainers. A cute long dress can be fun to wear around in such companies, but make sure it is not too exposing.

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