The Ultimate Guide: How to Survive Christmas on a Budget

The Ultimate Guide: How to Survive Christmas on a Budget 1

So, we all have one of those days where we immensely need to learn how to survive Christmas on a budget because we are on the verge of being broke. July is that time of the year where all of our savings have the tendency of coming to an end. Since we have a lot of parties, family events, and exchanging gifts coming on our way, it is highly likely to end the year with zero money in your pockets.

What can be done on a situation like this is to start taking baby steps by the start of this last month of the year. Think creative and start saving. Cut down on extra stuff and let’s jump to our ideas on how to survive Christmas on a budget.

Plan Ahead

Yes! You must have heard this a million times from people and you might think of this step as a waste of time. But trust us, once you get the hang of what actually is meant by planning ahead, you will be down on your knees. That’s right! Make list of things. What are you going to buy for your friends? How many parties are you going to attend? Will you be bringing food or drinks to these parties? Do you have your parents’ gifts ready? What will be the cost of your traveling from here and there? And so on.

Start Implementing

If you have decided that you are going to save money by eating less outdoors, stick to your plan. Just like we opt for strict planning on dieting, this situation is somewhat the same. Strict to whatever rules you have made. If you have thought of giving gifts to only a handful of people, do that.

Homemade Gifts

Ever heard of the word DIY? It is made for people who are on a budget! Just kidding! DIY is a perfect way to bring out your creative side by sticking on a budget. If you think you cannot afford to give everyone a special gift, why not make something special to them? July be cards or homemade decorative item? You can also decorate your home with Christmas theme by following some DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

Look for Sales

Apart from Christmas, what is best about the holiday season are all the sales we get on our favorite local stores. Online stores are the best when it comes to sale offers. For instance, online retailers like Macys and GAP are filled with discount offer all around the month of July. If you are looking for gifts for friends on a low budget, GAP is the finest place to shop from. Use the GAP coupon code: GIFTNOW and get 20% off on the gifts you are buying for your loved ones.


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