How To Plan A Birthday Party Checklist

how to plan / organize child birthday party checklist

Are you looking for your child’s birthday party ideas and wondering if there is a “how to plan a birthday party checklist”? Whether you plan to celebrate your child’s birthday party indoor or in the backyard, this checklist will not just help you making a very happy birthday with everything covered.

How To Plan A Birthday Party Checklist?

5 to 6 Weeks Before

Decide Party Theme

It’s time to discuss with your child what party theme he/she likes? For example a Dinosaur party, celebrations of all things Dora etc. Let your child pick a theme. This will help you in narrow down the activities and party supplies, decorations needed.

Whom To Invite?

Discuss with your child about whom to invite? entire class or just the best friends? Depending on the type of party, you can get an idea of the number of participants. For example, a Guitar hero competition is good if you have fewer participants.

Book entertainers

Sooner the better. If you plan to hire/book entertainers for the child’s birthday party, it’s recommended that you first check references of people who used them recently so there are no surprises. Don’t forget to ask if there is any setup requirements.

Four Weeks Before Plan

Guest Availability

Highly, highly recommend. Check with everyone whom you will invite to see if they are available or not and then decide a date, making sure everyone invited to the party is present.

Send invitations

You now have picked a party theme. So use creative invitations that match the party theme. Mention whether parents are invited and don’t forget to add RSVP date, start & end times.

Create Schedule Of Activities

It is very important to factor in the time for all activities to avoid running out of time. Schedule 2 to 3 hours time for different activities like energetic games, calmer activity like storytelling, snakes, entertainment etc. If you planned outdoor party then do consider alternatives for the raining day, because an outdoor party becomes indoor if it rain.

Create List Of Party Supplies

Create a list of party supplies that you need. These can be game & craft essentials, decorations, banners, invitation cards, music, portable tables, serving dishes, disposable glasses, cups, plates, tablecloths etc. Look from different sources like Don’t forget to use Shindigz coupon code on checkout if you order party supplies from Shindigz website.

Three Weeks Before Plan

Decide The Menu

Kids love finger foods, pizza. Keep it simple and add cocktail for parents if you like. Make a grocery list as well.

A Week Before Plan

Clean The House

Clean your house a week before the party. You will then need a quick once-over right before the party. If it’s outdoor party, clean the yard and add plants if you like.

Follow Up With The Guests

Do a follow up with all the guests to get a final count.

Create Cooking Schedule

Cook any foods that can be frozen.

Order Party Supplies

Now its time to order balloons, party supplies.

Three Days Before Party Plan

  • Dedicate a space for coats. It can be hall closet or a bed with presentable hangers.
  • Shop grocery items.
  • Make sure stairs, upper floor windows, pools are safeguarded. Keep any chemicals away from reach of children.
  • Prepare your camera, charge battery, arrange an extra film or memory card.

One Day Before

  • Clean the yard if it’s outdoor party.
  • Organize furniture. Setup dinning & gift tables. If there is anything missing, you still have time to arrange it.
  • Do all the decorations.
  • Practice polite “thank you” with your child if you plan to open gifts.

The Party Day Plan

  • If any cooking is left, finish it as early as possible.
  • Pick up any party supplies if you need to.
  • Display food around 2 hours before the party starts. And wrap tightly to ensure freshness.
  • Share activities, tasks with staying parents so you are freely oversee the party.
  • Serve cake / ice cream starting from your child.
  • Create a list and write gifts along with the name who gave them.

Send thank you notes to everyone including parents who helped you.

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