How To Decorate Master Bedroom With BedBathAndBeyond?

how to decorate master bedroom with bedbathandbeyond furniture

It’s a fact that many of us don’t give importance to master bedroom, and put our efforts and money in decorating other spaces. Let’s not assume that only those who sleep there will see the room. Checkout tips on how to decorate master bedroom with Bedbathandbeyond and make it a place that simply WOWs.

Tip 1: Start with the Basics

Rule 1 is to start with the basics. Get all essential elements in one place.

Have you ditched your old mattress? Then it’s time for you to buy a new one. If you already bought a bed then you are one step ahead 🙂

Try out the memory foam and upgrade to a king size mattress with updated linens. Get new bed sheets, blankets, pillows and use your creativity to create mix and match patterns. Angie Gardeck, Illinois based interior designer who owns New Perspective Design says:

You could do a playful pattern for the bedskirt, and pillows with a solid duvet and coverlet, and complementary sheets.

Just remember that it’s your comfort zone. So anything that catches your eyes, scoop it up.

Tip 2: Take advantage of storage & organize closet

Check if your closet space can contain entire wardrobe. If it can’t then you will need dressers because your old storage ideas might not work in the new space.

Look for items that still need storage space. If possible, use “hidden” storage areas like under your bed, shallow storage bins under the mattress, so you don’t need another dresser.

Tip 3: Window treatment

Add a vertical element with lots of horizontals to your bedroom by using drapes instead of blinds.

Tip 4: Add Something extra

You are done with the basics for decorating bedroom. Now it’s time to add sophistication and some polish.

Create symmetry and balance by placing a nightstand on either side of the bed. This also creates a place for your morning cappuccino.
You can also use a pair of small end tables that do not match too perfectly with rest of the furniture.

Think about adding lighting to the room in the form of table lamp and sconces. It makes your bedroom glow. Gardeck says, “While lamps don’t have to be identical,they should visually line up, with the bottom of the shade about 45 inches from the floor.”

If you don’t have a mirror in the bedroom, it’s time to add one. It serves a design purpose and adds reflection resulting the room feel bigger.

Tip 5: Take your bedroom to next level

It’s time to make your bedroom a masterpiece.

Follow the biggest bedroom trend and add upholstered headboard. It gives comfort if you are up late reading a book.

Add big, bold pattern wallpaper. It gives a look that paint can’t. You can pick a design that catches attention.

Leah Gomberg, owner of Sweet Life By Design, an interior design/home staging company, in Maplewood, New Jersey says:

It’ll really pop. Do only the wall that your bed rests against with wallpaper and paint the others.

Need a TV in your bedroom? Don’t put a large screen TV infront of the wall. It dominates a wall and kills the design aesthetics. Hide your TV in a wall mounted cabinet or framed reverse mirror so you don’t sacrifice the high end design of your bedroom.

Lastly, since it’s your master bedroom and a place to relax, add comfy cough to the room, a carpet for morning yoga.

Where can i buy bedroom furniture?

There are many options available depending on your area, budget. We recommend that you touch-base Bed Bath And Beyond website and Target website. Both offer great value for money. If you are tight on budget, then visit Target store, else visit Bedbathandbeyond store. You can grab a percentage off your order using Bed bath and beyond coupon as well 🙂

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