Host Your Own Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

Host Your Own Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

The right ingredient in making the midsummer night dream party a memorable one is by calling in your guests after evening, when the sun is setting and you can create your own fairy tale-ish atmosphere.

How To Host Midsummer Night’s Dream Party

Midsummer is certainly everyone’s favorite holiday. After all, who doesn’t like the tender winds that blow at the night of midsummer? Even Shakespeare himself was so in love with the season that he dedicated a play to it. In order to make Shakespearean “Midsummer Night’s Dream” party, we have to capture the season’s spirit just like he did when he goes “where the wild thyme blows”.

The best way to start preparation is by decorating your location just like a wild yet enchanted forest abundant with trees, fairy lights, and beautiful fountain that give away a romantic sight.

Add Nature

You can conduct a Midsummer Night’s Dream party at your apartment if you cannot afford to set location elsewhere. However, the nice way is to fill your surroundings with nature, and that can be done by hosting the party outdoors. In the play, Shakespeare set all scenes out in the forest with the most cooperative and subtle weather of the month of July. Host the party somewhere near the woods. If woods are not the right option for you then you can always arrange it at your backyard. The trick is to decorate it in a way that the whole scene gives away a close to nature look.

Decorate with Fairy Details

Shakespeare’s whole play revolves around the mischievous lives of fairies. To add this detail into your party, try introducing fairies in your costumes by adding wings, flowers, glitter, and long flowery gowns. Why not wear a tiara made out of white flowers?

White flowers are a must in order to keep the midsummer celebration’s spirit alive and also for the fairy-inspired look. If you are running out of time or don’t have the resources, hiring a nice party suppliers online and they will do the job for you.

Sweets and Drinks

Of course you cannot let your guest run empty stomach throughout the party. Where there’s food, there’s fun. Organize a themed buffet by adding elegant and natural foods. Your menu should include things like sandwiches, fruits, vegetable salads, and a lot of desserts. Chocolate cakes, small pies, and anything sweet should be your ultimate priority because midsummer party is all about satiating your sweet tooth.

After having a night filled with fairies and merrymaking under flickering twilight lights, your guests will go home with an awe, wondering the whole time whether they attended a party or lived inside a dream.

Midsummer Night Party Supplies

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