Get Spooky: Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids

Get Spooky: Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids 1

Halloween is not about scaring people off and wearing fancy costumes but it is about fun and games and so this post is about Halloween party games for kids. For our little ones, having fun is everything. it is our duty to make sure that they are getting all the games and activities they need during this holiday. Apart from dressing them up in perfect Halloween costumes, below we are sharing some of our favorite ideas for Halloween party games for kids. These games will automatically make the party for your kids memorable and entertaining. So, let’s jump to our favorite picks.

Halloween Jinx

Kids are adorable little creatures who like challenges. Of course this game seems a bit off for adults but it is amusing altogether for children. In order to play this game, you have to pick one taboo word and see who wins by not saying it at all during the party. This game seems a bit daring as it is about what kids are not supposed to do.

Monster Freeze

Let the kids dress up in spooky Halloween outfit and then make them dance to some Halloween jingle. Make the music stop at one point and tell the kids to freeze as the music stops. Kids who couldn’t hold their pose will be eliminated out of the game.

Pumpkin Hunt

Kids like to play hide and seek. How about you hide a pumpkin this time and let them find it? Paint and decorate as many pumpkins as you can. Another better option is to just buy a mini pumpkin bag from Shindigz in just $4.99. Since it is Halloween, this amazing website is putting up fun discount offers for all the Halloween lovers. Make sure you use the Shindigz coupon code: FS69 to get free delivery.

Wrap the Mummy

Make different teams or let the kids choose one of their friends to become the mummy. Give them toilet or crepe paper and instruct them to wrap their friend like a ghost or mummy. This is an activity that will instantly engage the kids as they like to have fun by messing around a little.

Guess Who

This fun game requires kids to have a comic or Halloween character pasted on their back. The other kids will give clues to the one who has a character sticking to his/her back. Or you can just give clues yourself and let the kids mutually decide who the character is.

There are more fun ideas that you can incorporate in order to engage kids in the Halloween party. Just be certain that they have the right costume and a smile on their faces.

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