Halloween party games are a wonderful way to add activities to your Halloween party and make some great memories. This will keep everyone active throughout the Halloween party. The ideas that we are going to discuss now are the one which will not cost you a cent. The only cost involved can be the price for the winners. You can play these games with the things that are easily available around your home. The games can be played by people of any ages and are very interactive.

Pumpkin Patch Hunting Halloween Game

Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game

A really funny game which all will love to play. People will look from floor to ceiling to find pumpkins and the one finds the most will win the game. You can make and use fake pumpkins from papers which will make this game more interesting.

Guess the Character Halloween Game

Guess the Character

This game will include multiple characters and you have to guess the character to win the prize or you can make it more interesting by adding a buzzer or the one who taps first will get to guess. One person with the most correct guesses will get the prize.

Wiggle Worm Race

Wiggle Worm Race

Form a human worm and see how long you can keep it together. This game is more favorable for younger kids and even adults are going to like it since it is a great fun. Young vs adult race will make it even more interesting.

Monster Freeze Dance

Monster Freeze Dance

A game that kids just love to play. Dress up and dance as music plays and stop in the same action as the music stop. You can capture some really funny moods with this game.

Costume Relay Race

Costume Relay Race

This game involves teams. The team who gets in and out of their Halloween costumes the fastest wins. In the case of lesser people, the individual game can also be played.

Wrap the Mummy

Wrap the Mummy

You got to be quick really quick to win this one. Use toilet paper or crepe paper and see who can wrap the human mummy. Add a twist to the game by adding the unwrapping part and enjoy.

Candy Corn Relay Race

Candy Corn Relay Race

You will need a bowl and lots of candy corn for this game. All you have to do is to transfer as many as candy corn to the next bowl and that too without using your hand. Interesting, isn’t it? That is the real twist.

Halloween Memory Game

Test memory of your guests through this game. Generate memory cards with free online memory card generator. You can choose to have 6 or 12 unique cards and make Halloween your theme.

Scarecrow Relay Race

A race to get dressed your scarecrow first and collect the prize. You can also get to actually play as a scarecrow and see if you can beat your opponent.

Pumpkin Penny Pitch

The one with the most pennies in the pumpkin wins the game. Make it more challenging by moving it further away when any adult or younger kid is playing and move a bit closer for little ones.

Battle of Balloons

How many balloons can you pop? Yes, this one is really hilarious and people of all ages will enjoy this game. You can always add a few variations to the game depending upon the size of the audience and their age group.

Prop Builder

Probably the most interactive and interesting game especially for the adults. You give your guests the props and let them create their own scary scene. The one team with the most creative and scary scene wins the game.

The Spooky Movie Quotes

How much your guests are in Hollywood movies? This game certainly will let you know. You will speak a famous movie quote from any spooky Hollywood movie and the guests have to guess the correct name of that movie.

The Killer Instinct

This one is especially for older kids and adults. You play hide and seek and when you are found you will end up in ‘graveyard’ which could be a dark room just to resemble a corpse.

Story Game

A game that adults would love to play. Storytelling is something which we all wanted to do. You can put your story prompt on your Halloween invitation which can be either invitation card or any other way you choose to invite people but make sure that they knew the prompt. All they have to do is to come up with the scariest of the stories. The one with more creativity wins the game.

Witch`s Stew

A famous and fun Halloween game for kids. Kids have to pick up Halloween pictures as quickly as possible but using only a straw. It is a competitive game and brings the best out of the children.

Candy Corn Catch

You can have your guests scrambling to collect most candy corn in this game. This can be really fun if you have a large number of people divided into some substantial size groups. It can also be changed into a relay race.

Halloween Musical Chair or The Spooky Walk

A musical chair game with a twist. You can play now traditional musical chair game without any pushing and running. When music stop kids will stop on Halloween images you have put on the floor. Draw an image like round red circle and the kid standing on that circle as the music stops will be eliminated.

Pin the Stem on Pumpkin

A Halloween version of famous ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. In this game, you have to pin the stem on the pumpkin. For kids make pumpkin a bit larger and for adults make it smaller to increase the difficulty level.

Guess the Candy Count

How good your guess is? A nice game to start with. Let your guests guess the number of candies in a bowl. If you cannot find anyone who guesses the accurate count then you can always give the prize to the closest one.

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