Our top Favorite Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Our top Favorite Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Women 1

Halloween is around the corner which means us girls need some creative Halloween costume ideas to get all spooky and glamorous at the same time. It is time again to take out our fancy spectacles and probe for the best Halloween lookbook for the year of 2017. This post is filled with cleaver Halloween costume ideas for our female readers. However, you can add details and tweak the look as you want and according to your preference.


There are tons of online retailer websites that sale tons of skeleton chic outfits every year. This trend is here to stay for a long while so you might as well join the bandwagon. You can even get those glow-in-the-dark skeleton costumes if you are hitting any party at night. Pair this look with a nice Betsey Johnson web surfer chain crossbody bag for only $8.

Black All the Way

If you are one of those women who don’t like to specify any costume but still want to be part of the mainstream then this option is for you. If you are not willing to invest on a proper Halloween costume, try a black outfit. Black goes well with literally everything during Halloween. The color black will automatically fit you in wherever you would like to go. Macys has this cute Planet Gold ruffle-sleeve evening dress that is a perfect choice for Halloween parties. You can get free shipping with your $49 purchase.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is almost everyone’s favorite comic character from the DC Comics. It is a look that anyone who wants to appear bold can flaunt. With just the right color patterns and makeup on your face, you can easily seize the day. Make sure you wear a proper bold red lip color with blue and red on your eyes.


This is another lazy costume makeover for those who are not willing to invest a lot on Halloween. All you need for this look is a black and red dress and a pair of false pointy teeth. Put bold red color on your lips and black on your eyes. If you want to take it to the next level then get this Batty Small Crossbody from Betsey Johnson, available at Macys.

There’s much more you can try on a budget. You can be a pink highlighter, a film noir or a Cher Horowitz. All you need is the right color to your dress and perfect makeup skills for your face.

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