Five Pairs of TOMS Shoes Every Man Must Own

toms men's sneakers

Have the best five pairs of TOMS shoes that every guy must own in order to be noticeable when he walks the walk fabulously.

We often come across men who have one pair of shoes for every occasion. They prefer boots over everything else. No matter how they are dressed up – whether it is an evening dress or a sweatshirt, you will witness the same old shabby shoes around the clock. The only time we see these men in other shoes is when their precious one heaves the last breath.

Ask your woman how many pairs of shoes she needs to survive her day and the list will exceed to hundred. However, when it comes to shoes for men, things come handy for you and also pretty reasonable. If you ask us, we suggest that you should own no less than five pairs of shoes, all of which you can easily get from TOMS. So, even if you have consecutive meetings and a strict boss who does not leave you be, you can still order the perfect pairs of your favorite shoes online.

TOMS Shoes

Checkout five must have shoes for men to cover all events. Sneaker

toms sneaker shoes for men

Let’s start with cool sneakers. Sneakers can set your look apart even if you are wrestling your way through the crowd late night in a pub. Let’s be honest – sneakers are life saviors. With the colorful laces, diversifying patterns, and flexibility, a pair of sneakers is a subtle touch to your relaxed mood on the weekends.

Check out the cool Desert Taupe stubby linen men’s del Rey sneakers and save up to $20 with TOMS $20 off promo code. Boots

Boots are a no-go when it comes to the weekend, but what about those adventurous mornings when you decide to climb the hills during your short summer trip to Hawaii? Sure you don’t want to stumble on your feet by wearing casual flip-flops. Lace-up boots are a perfect choice for some fancy dinner plans to perfect winter nights. boots men

This Black Chambray Mateo Chukka boots for men are our favorite pick from TOMS shoes. You can save up to $25 on the purchase.

Slip-Ons For Office

It happens at times when we don’t really feel the need of sliding into our shiny office shoes. At times like these, nice slip-on can save you the trouble. No need to wait for the elevator – by slipping these little beauties on, you can climb the stairs with the speed of the wind. Above all, slip-on is always travel-friendly.

toms shoes mens slip ons

We admire this gray patterned striped slip-on in classic design which you can get for only $55. Budget-friendly much?

TOMS Dress Shoes

If you ask some men which pair of shoes they would run away with if their house is on fire, a majority of them would reply with “dress shoes”. The truth is, you may feel more comfortable in you slip-on but a nice pair of dress shoes are only going to save you when you have an important meeting to attend. Your boss will not be pleased to see you in sneakers; rather a shining pair of dress shoes will help you in maintaining your reputation. Most importantly, let’s not forget weddings and crucial dates that can never be attended in anything other than dress shoes. men dress shoes

Nothing can beat TOMS’ chocolate brown slub chambray men’s brogues. Use your coupon code to get a discount on these precious shoes.


Espadrilles or Alpargatas as they are called, are our favorites from TOMS’ shoes. You cannot only pair them up with your casual Sunday morning look but they can also come handy during traveling and to the beach. alpargatas shoes for men

Try on these gorgeous black Alpargatas from TOMS and order your perfect size from their website now

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