Everything You Need to Know Throwing a Fun Baby Shower

Everything You Need to Know Throwing a Fun Baby Shower 1

Mommies all around the world should be treated with ultimate attention with fun baby shower at least a month before the due date. At baby showers new moms are encouraged and bombarded with motherhood advises from her close friends and family. Just like bridal shower where you honor the newly bride-to-be! A fun baby shower is a perfect way to take the overwhelmed mind of a woman towards something light. However, like all the other parties, baby shower also needs a lot of planning and organizing of event.

Following are some of the tips that will help you with the fun baby shower you are planning for someone special in your life.

  • The Organizer

Unlike many other parties where you arrange things for yourself, baby shower does not require the mother-to-be to do anything but to just sit and relax. It is organized by someone close like a best friend, cousin, family member or even a sister. The perfect time to have a party should be six to eight weeks before the due date. This is so the mother-to-be will have fun without having to worry about any motherhood pressure or worse labor pangs.

  • Add the Fun

Of course the fun adds up automatically when you are around your best friends. But sometimes, a person does not have many best friends to have a bridal shower with. Under such circumstances, when you have co-workers and family friends around, the best way to make it colorful is by adding interesting games. Add crafty stuff like fabric or card making.

  • Bring the Cocktail

Since the mother will not be allowed to have alcohol, make sure you serve alcohol free cocktails and mocktails. You can even try fun recipes with the guests while they are there at the shower with you.

  • Decorate it Away

A party is not a party if there is not a single decorative piece hanging around in your location. Even if you are organizing something in your house, make sure you decorate it accordingly. Most importantly, keep in mind whether your friend is going to have a boy or a girl – decorate the surroundings likewise. There are many online retailers like Shindigz that are serving unlimited range of party supplies of different bridal shower themes. That’s not it – you can get 20% off on your total purchase of baby shower by simply subscribing to their website. Use the Shindigz Promo Code: FUN and get even more discount offer on your total purchase.


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