Receive Email & Mobile Alerts From Your Favorite Stores

Email & Mobile Alerts will soon announce newsletter email & mobile alerts / notifications subscription on the website.

ClipACode Email & Mobile Alerts Subscription

We bet that our subscription model is completely different from others. We understand that if you are a Kohl’s lover and we send you promotions from other stores, you might get annoyed and un-subscribe from the Clipacode mailing list. Our all new newsletter and mobile notifications subscription will allow you to choose your favorite store(s) so you only receive email and mobile notifications when there are new offers from your favorite stores.

When I Can Subscribe to ClipACode Subscriptions

Our technical team is aiming to add Newsletter and mobile notifications subscription feature by July 1st.

In the meantime, you can inbox us your email & favorite store(s) on Facebook page or DM on Clipacode Twitter so you will be among first comers to join the subscription list. For example if you are interested in Shindigz coupon code or TOMS promo code then simply write your name, store name(s), mobile number where you want to receive notifications and you will be added soon.

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