Homemade: DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Holiday

Homemade: DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Holiday 1

Turn on the famous jingles, bring on your creative side, and take out all the tools because we are here with DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Of course, there are plenty of stores that offer cheap decoration things for the holiday. We have also many online stores that are filled with discount offers and deals for the purpose of decoration. But you are being lazy this time around and have plenty of free time in your hands then why not make something yourself? Following are some of our favorite DIY Christmas decoration ideas that are cheap and easy to make.

Let’s get started!

Draw Snowflakes

Apart from the Santa and reds, greens, and whites, we know Christmas is also a signifier of winter and snowflakes. To add the wintry touch to your home, get a washable paint and design some cute snowflakes on the places you like. For instance, you can paint your mirror at the living room with snowflakes. You can also draw snowflakes with some distance on all the walls of your room if you feel more festive.

Vase Made Out of Candy Cane

This DIY is very simple yet attractive. Bring on all of the candy canes you own and stick them on a can with the help of glue. Tie a red ribbon around them and place some artificial red and white flowers with green leafs on top. You can also replace the artificial flowers with poinsettia if you have them around.

Hanging Snowmen

This is yet another cute DIY that we discussed earlier in another article. It is an activity that you can do with your kids or alone if you like. Take out some red and white paper or cardboard if you prefer and cut out little snowmen. You can turn your simple brown rope into a glittery one by spraying some glue on it and sprinkle glitter on top. Use this rope to hang the snowmen around the house.

Charlie Brown Tree

It is not always important to decorate the house with only one big Christmas tree. You can add more to it by placing a little Charlie brown tree. This one is even easier for the kids to decorate. If you have any place around the house that is empty and needs decoration then this one right here is a perfect choice.

Hang Ribbons

Have stairs around the house? Why not add some decorations on them as well? You can line the banister by placing a fine garland decorated with bows that you can make out of ribbons. You can also paint the banister with a different color so to make the decoration more prominent and eye-catching.

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