Some of the Common Makeup mistakes to Avoid Right Now

Some of the Common Makeup mistakes to Avoid Right Now 1

It is obvious that once we become makeup addicts, we search for queries such as which makeup mistakes to avoid so not to ashamed ourselves. Of course, all of us want to look at our best, especially in those lovely dates that we have in the evening or an important presentation at the office. While it is important to learn the basic makeup skills, it is equally important to know makeup mistakes to avoid.

Do the Brows

A lot of people live up with this misconception that eyebrows are supposed to be identical. Wrong! Your eyebrows are like sisters, which means they can be twins but with differences. Drawing exact same eyebrows will mess up the entire symmetry of your face and you will end up with a weird look. Also, as an additional tip, always draw your eyebrows with small strokes. Drawing lines on this area is a disaster!

Line those Lids

Applying eyeliner changes our look to the max. No matter how sick you are or how sleepy you feel, applying eyeliner automatically wakes up the eyes and lifts up the face. However, a lot of us pull the corner of our eyes in order to get the precise cat-eye, which is completely wrong. Pulling eyes is the last thing that you need to do. Just place a piece of paper at the corner of your eye and follow it.

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Bold Lips

Bold lipsticks tend to smudge and bleed out from the corner of our mouth. And the worst scenario is when we get it print on our teeth! To avoid that, make sure you first use concealer on your lips and then a lip liner of the same color to outline them. Since it is fall, plum colors are in. So make sure you have the right concealer and lip pencil. Fill the middle of your lips directly with the lipstick and voila, your look is complete.

Right Foundation

This is the common mistake that many new makeup lovers make. They test the foundation color on the wrong areas and end up with a color completely out of their skin tone. This is because they do testing on the areas that are more exposed to sun and hence sunburned. Your actual skin tone is noticeable at the corner of your cheeks (right above where you contour), at the neck, above the chest, and around the wrist. Always test foundation on these regions to choose a color that is closer to your actual skin tone.


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