Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day at Office

Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day at Office 1

‘Tis is the season of holidays, thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and what now, which is why we are here with ideas to celebrate thanksgiving day at office. Just like you head out with your friends at parties and arrange thanksgiving at home for friends and family, we need same love and care in office. You go around the same, boring routine of working day in and out. To balance things off by adding fun to your office hours, why not celebrate Thanksgiving Day at office with all your staff and crew?

Following are some of the things that you might need to consider for the Thanksgiving Day at office.


Keeping the traditional thanksgiving spirit alive, why not go for Potluck at office? This is a great way to bring in all the workers and enjoy something together without feeling alienated. With Potluck, everyone will have the feast without anyone being feeling too overwhelmed about the whole situation.

Work Together

The best way to keep the holiday theme in the year is by decorating your office and bringing in the Thanksgiving Day party supplies. The best way to deal with this is by volunteering in cleaning and decorating the office with other workers. Or if you are a boss who wants to give his workers surprise, hire someone to do the job. For instance, Shindigz is an online party supplying retailers who can arrange the whole place with decorative items for you. Shop this week and save up to 20% on your total purchase by using the Shindigz coupon code: SPARKLE.

Do the Recipe Contest

Another way to have fun at the office is by announcing a recipe contest, where each employee will bring their special, favorite dish. With so many dishes, you along with others can have a memorable feast. You can taste and award the best recipe with something to represent how thankful you are.

Go Out

If you think there is not much space in your office where you can arrange a thanksgiving then take your workers out. Book some place where all of your staff can feel comfortable and have fun at the same time. Make sure you take in everyone’s votes on the place you are going to be arranging the party.

Most importantly, remember to always be thankful to everyone around you. Be polite and forgiving.

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