How You Can Help the Poor with the Purchase of TOMS Shoes

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TOMS shoes are not just the statement retail store that is good with the products but it is also helping thousands of people across the world. How, you may ask? It is because with the purchase of each pair of shoes, TOMS gives so much. It provides safe birth environment, water, shoes, sight, improve health and conduct preventive measures against bullying to the people in need. While other stores are just selling products and filling their pockets, TOMS shoes on the other hand has primarily dedicated its work into helping others. And by purchasing goods from TOMS, you are indirectly taking part in this generous act of kindness.

How TOMS Shoes Are Making a Difference?

TOMS’ charity work that is so reputably wonderful is not limited to providing shoes in Africa or in Haiti but it goes far beyond than that. With the help of many thoughtful partners and loyal customers, TOMS shoes has expanded its charity from giving free shoes to helping the poor pregnant ladies of unprivileged areas of India. TOMS shoes’ team is brilliantly providing clean water in Honduras.

Currently, a study is undergoing to learn ways through which TOMS shoes can promote health policies in China. This is another major milestone the company is trying to achieve. Moreover, the horrendous act of bullying is also another department in which TOMS is setting its marks. School counseling is provided to hundreds of schools throughout the United States. In these sessions, students and teachers are trained with preventive measures against bullying.

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What Your Single Purchase with TOMS can do?

A lot of people who are still not clear about how the charity works with TOMS shoes ponder over this question, “How can we help?”

TOMS is not about making people pay for someone else’s comfort, rather it is a “One for One” game. This means that whatever you purchase from TOMS adds on to the charity, without you actually contributing for it. Customers go home with their products, and the poor goes home with a saved heart.

Your single purchase from TOMS shoes can:

  1. Improve someone’s health.
  2. Provide access to free education.
  3. Build someone’s confident.
  4. Create jobs.
  5. Provide safe birth to pregnant ladies.

That’s not just it. If you want to learn more about TOMS shoes and how it has been working with hundreds of partners, read this. And if you are looking to save money on your purchase, visit our coupon code page.

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