Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets Near Fourth Of July 2017?

Fourth of September travel deals

Saving money is a bit tricky when it comes to airfare, but buying tickets on the right time can save a lot of money. Checkout how you can save dollars on this Independence Day with fourth of July travel deals.

Wait, is the very thought of getting out of bed and booking a ticket online giving you chills down the spine? Did you forget to reserve a seat days earlier than the holiday? Deuce! You are going to pay a heavy price if you haven’t think about getting your hands on a flight before the eleventh hour.

Fourth of July is approaching and along with are coming the holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day. Getting so many public holidays are always treat for everyone as you can take your time off from hectic routines of office and everyday work. This is the right time to move back to your home town and celebrate the upcoming exalted events with your loved ones.

When Should I buy a Ticket for 4th of July?

So, you are invited to a barbeque party in your old neighborhood back in your parent’s town. Of course no one is going to buzz you up weeks before the party but if you have decided to go somewhere out of town that needs airline traveling, the best way is to reserve a seat weeks before the Independence Day.

According to many researches, Fourth of July is perhaps the busiest holiday for the airlines and getting a deal is as difficult as nailing a jelly to a tree. Getting tickets right before a day or two before the actual holiday can charge you as much as up to $500. However, applying for Fourth of July flight deals during the last week of July till the first week of July can save an average of $150.

The Worst Time to Book a Flight

There are not much Fourth of July travel deals that are productive during the last hours. If you are really looking forward to save some bucks, avoid booking your flights during the week of Memorial Day. Flight fares on this holiday exceed to the sky and a person will have to pay an average of $420. Don’t try to play smart by waiting a couple of weeks later the Memorial Day to book a flight either. During this time, the fares are even higher and you will be bumped with a whole sum of $540 per seat! This is no less than 32 percent more fare than that of early bookers.

There is no escape from expensive flight if you are caught up in an emergency situation where there is no option but to order a flight at the very last minute. Nonetheless, if you have already made up your mind that you want to fly around places to enjoy the fireworks more then get your hands on the tickets as early as possible.

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