Here are the Best Gift Ideas for Teens You Can Give this Year

Here are the Best Gift Ideas for Teens You Can Give this Year 1

No matter how experience you are in the field of giving presents to others, sorting out the best gift ideas for teens seems like a daunting task. It is always a lot easier to gift something to someone who you love and know closely but choosing something for teens is tough. You always end up with something that the person on the receiving end does not like. Or sometimes, we just do not relate to the teenagers well so we give them something that they do not appreciate.

Since we are dealing with kids going through the tricky part of their life span (where hormonal imbalances, sudden mood change, and anti-social life is the game) one needs to be extra careful. Therefore, we are here with some of the finest and best gifts ideas for teens that are suitable for almost everyone. We have carefully assembled options that suits different preferences of the teens around us, thanks to the internet.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite best gift ideas for teens.

The Classic Lovers

Let us start with teens who prefer the good old classic stuff. Whether they like to play games like monopoly or books, we have plenty of options just right for them. If they are keeping up with the current television shows but their hearts belong to old times, gift them a cool Stranger Things monopoly game. Other things that you can gift them can be books of some amazing classical writers. Better yet, if you know which class they are in, you can gift them the novels they are going to read in the next semester. Moreover, if you are dealing with someone who is an addict reader, a treasure for them would be their favorite book in hard back.

The Candy Lovers

Yes, eating too many sweets is not good for health but when it comes to occasion like thanksgiving or Christmas, everything is fair. A teen who likes sweet will love it when you gift them a basket full of Hershey’s kisses and Nutella chocolates. Make sure to add a variety of chocolates, candies, and other sweet things in the basket so that they can chew on these lovely gifts from time to time around the year. The basket can also be given as a gesture for the New Year’s present and so you will be giving two gifts from our best gift ideas for teens collection.

The Sports Lovers

Teens are the age when many kids around us are opting for some kind of sport in their school. Considering the preferences of the person you have in mind, get them a gift accordingly. See what they need right now – it could be a nice sport outfit, may be some protective pads and gloves or a nice pair of shoes for their training sessions. TOMS has the best range of sports shoes available in all sizes for both men and women. Take a thorough look at their website and choose something that you can think will fit in perfectly well with the teen you have in mind. If the other person knows you are giving them a gift, why not ask them to have a look at TOMS website and choose something for themselves? You can get $15 discount on purchase of $75 and $20 on $10 by signing up via email to their website.

The Sleep Lovers

Okay, so we all have been around kids who spend most of their times locked up in their rooms sleeping, and we know it is totally fine because we ourselves went through the same phase. As much as we want them to be focused on their career and school, we understand that their brain needs as much comfort as it can get. This is why the best option for these kids is the pajamas. Make their sleep time even better by offering them some cozy pajamas or a cute night dress. Keeping their favorite cartoon, book, comic book or movie character in mind, try to find a nightwear accordingly. Since we are living in the age of customization, you can also gift them something customized. Just make sure to keep their priorities and likes in mind before going to the process of customization. They will appreciate it more than anything else.

The Dog Lovers

Pets are the most important part of our lives. We cannot imagine waking up without having our favorite cat or dog around us. We cannot even imagine going to sleep without having them by our side on the bed. Teens are especially attach to their pets. If your little one does not have a pet already, what you can do is that you can gift them a pet that they like. Dogs are everybody’s favorite so you can start off with that. By offering them a pet you are putting responsibility on their shoulders. If you think that the teen you are dealing with is not responsible at all, the first step in the process of making them concern about their lives should be by offering them a pet. When they will have some other living being to take care for and feed, you will see a drastic change in them.

However, if your teenager already has a pet, what you can do is that you can bring some kind of costume or other gift for their pets. July be you can gift them some dog soy candles or toys for their pet. Since it is Christmas and New Year’s season, gifting a costume inspired by the ongoing holidays will be a better option.

The Makeup Lovers

Let’s turn our heads towards the growing ladies in our lives. It is a very big deal for growing girls these days to look at their best. Especially when going to school we see them going through a lot of consideration as to which outfit they should choose and what look they should wear. A best gift for someone just entering the high school could be a beginner’s makeup collection. What you can do is that you can assemble some of the essential makeup items that the newbie makeup lovers should use. Gather these items and present them as a gift to your favorite teen girl. Since the social media is full of tutorials for girls going to schools, learning will not be a problem. All they need is the right kind of makeup.

The Gym Freaks

Other best gift ideas for teens that we like to focus is for those who hit the gym daily. Internet has gifted this new generation with a lot of inspiration stories. It has all the good side and bad side attach to it. We know it more than anyone else. If you look at the internet these days, instagram and twitter are filled with photos of people hitting the gym and achieving that perfect body. This is why a lot of the new kids are now turning their heads towards the gym. Not only because they want to stay fit but also because some of them are interested to join some kind of sport. If your teen is one of these kids, why not gift them something that could be beneficial for them in the gym. Why not gift them gym clothes? A nice sweat shirt with some gym trousers and some cool trainer shoes? These options will definitely going to cheer your teen up.

The Movie Buff

We always have that one kid around the house who is walking talking information machine of movies. From the best award winning movies to the upcoming ones, these kids know everything. These kids are the ones we turn to when we are bored and need movie suggestions. If you have any such kid around the house whose birthday is coming up or you are giving them some new year gift then give them something they love. A good way is to present them posters of their favorite movie or celebrity that they could hang in their room. You can also gift them a DVD collection of their favorite movies that they can keep. Or another way is to get their favorite scene customized in the form of t-shirt or a notebook.

The iPhone Lovers

If there is anything that the teens keep closer to their hearts, it is their iPhones. Since most of the people we know around them are carrying iPhones with them, you can get some cool cover customized for your teen. Print their favorite book or movie quote. You can also get their own picture customized on the cover. There are a tons of cool iPhone back covers that you can easily find online or in the market. So it will not be a tough job to pick one out and get it for the special person in your life.

The décor Lover

You must have some kid around you who is always on the internet searching for cool DIY decoration ideas for their rooms. From painting the walls to bringing in some furniture and making containers to make the room spacious, these kids are always busy in finding room décor tips and tricks. Keeping these teenagers in mind, why not gift them something related to the décor. Many beautiful home décor lamps and side tables can be found in the local market or on the internet. The best way to pick is by keeping the space of their room and the color of the walls in mind. Buy something that could complement their room well so that they will be the happiest.

The Animal Lovers

Apart from those who are always interested in having pets all around them, we also have some teenagers who just love animals generally. From wearing the shirts with their favorite animals’ photos to visiting the zoo every once in a while, these teens are always around animals. For them, the best gift could be a day out trip to some other state’s zoo or a museum. You can also get their favorite animal’s pictures customized to a cup or may be their room’s wall. This is a nice gesture that is going to cheer them up more than anything else in the world.

The aforementioned tips include best gift ideas for teens who have varying choices and preferences. By following the guidelines above, you can literally choose the best gift for the special teen in your life. You can also give them these gifts at the New Year’s Eve or may be at the Christmas night. Since the holidays are the best time where you can hang out with your kids and get to know them better, we suggest that you should learn your teens before selecting a gift for them.

If your kid is into arts, you can give them a nice collection of paints and brushes and let them have fun while they have their vacation. Also, if you all are planning to go on a vacation to some other state or country anytime soon, you can may as well gift a camera to your kid so you guys can have lots of pictures while you enjoy outdoors. Most importantly, make sure you all have the best time together as a family. This time together will definitely going to be more valuable for them more than anything. If you have any other cool and best gift ideas for teens in mind then let us know in the comment section below. Keeping visiting us!

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