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As much as we enjoy shopping, there are not many stores with good returns, however bed body and beyond return policy is the best of all. With so many shopping sites, some of us get lost under the storm of bad products. And this is perhaps why many people dread the idea of shopping online because it involves too much risk. You are probably going to encounter questions like “but what if I do not get the product that I offer? Or “but what if they send me something that is already expired”. While these questions are extremely alarming, we have return policies to overcome these fears.

Bed body and beyond return policy is the reason why all those people with fears should start doing online shopping. No matter how many things you are buying, this store makes sure to provide its customers with the best services ever. So even by any god forbidden reason you do not like what you get, you can easily return it back to the store in a dew period of time. Have your faith in online shopping restored yet? If not, do not worry. We are here with our skeptical specs on, ready to get under the skin of details to bring out the best news for here.

Following are bed body and beyond return policy rules that are going to restore your faith in online shopping as well as humanity. Before we dive right in the details, just know that there are three types of returns that bed body and beyond focuses on. However, today we are focusing mainly on the general return policies that are usually mistaken by the customers. Read on before you go to their website and start hunting down goodies for you and your family.

General Returns

Let us start our focus on bed body and beyond return policy by looking over the general return rules of their store. To begin with, we are going to mention some of the usual return rules that customers should take care of, in case if they need to return something that is not what they ordered or not right.

Keep the Original Receipt

A lot of people have the habit of throwing away their purchased slip also known as the receipt right away after shopping. Some even tear that thing in half the moment they received the slip of their purchase. This is utterly wrong. If you want to save yourself from any trouble whatsoever, make sure you have the receipt saved perfectly well with you. If you have the tendency of losing things ever now and then, we advise you to designate a place in your wardrobe, dressing or locker where you can keep all your receipt.

Once you have the receipt with you and there is something you want to return that you either purchased online or from any bed body and beyond store, simply provide your original slip to any of the store and return the product. Just make sure to keep your receipt in good shape with all the letters on it intact. Once you hand over the original purchase or package slip, you will either receive an exchange or merchandise refund from the store. Isn’t it all simple and hassle free?

Customized Goods

Unfortunately, if you have customized, personalized, monogrammed anything from the store or made a special order, you will not be getting any return on your purchase. To avoid such a thing from happening, make sure you double check while putting up an order. Also, confirm from the customer care service that you are getting the right thing you asked for to avoid any kind of mishap or miscommunication.

Electronic Items

If you have the pleasure of purchasing goods like Foldable Electric Scooters or HyperHover-1 Hoverboard from the bed body and beyond and you want to return it, make sure it is not opened. The store claims that it will not return the product or refund money if the purchased item has been opened. So, if you got anything that you did not ask for, return it to any store or the processing centers of bed body and beyond with the seal packaging.

Also, contact vendors directly for every return, exchange or services that you are looking for on the email This is a special address that can lead you to direct in contact with the electronic items team. So you will not need to wander on stores if there is only information or confirmation you need. Lastly, you can also call the team up by dialing 1-844-348-2620. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Baby Items

Bed body and beyond is known to have the best baby items with the best baby merchandise in the world. If you have bought anything from your little one but now want to return it, these items have the same policy as the aforementioned one. Make sure you are returning items in the same packaging or condition that you have received them. The items should be unused. If you want to return breast pumps, you can do it even if the package is not opened with a proof that you have bought it i.e a slip of purchase.

Now turning our attention to baby clothing, Bed body and beyond return policy will be of no use for those who have bought kids’ clothes from Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. It is because these lines have the finest and cutest baby clothes. But even if you get the need to return these clothes, you can do that with all the tags intact along with purchase receipt. Please note that you are doing this return within a month.

If your return exceeds to the limit of more than 90 days then the store will get credit for the current selling price. Also, notice that whenever there is going to be a Merchandise Credit issued for the customer, the buyer will be asked to offer government issued ID. This is to make sure that if Merchandize Credit is ever lost then the company can research or even replace.

Gift Receipt

When it comes to buying things from the gift receipt offered by the company, make sure that the refunded or exchanged item is going to be in the form of merchandise credit for the total amount paid. The same rules as above are applied here. Customers will be asked for a government issued ID so if any case the merchandize credit is lost, the company would be able to still replace or research.

Lost a Receipt? No Worries

If you were thinking all along that you are doomed for not keeping the receipt with you then you are wrong. Bed body and beyond return policy is generous enough to help those in trouble and that’s why even you guys have a safe side. However, there are some rules and regulations that are needed to be taken care of so please keep your pen and paper and notice.

If you have bought anything within the last year i.e 365 days, the store will gladly return your purchase by locating the items you have bought via store or merchandise credit number, checking account number, order number, registry number, gift card number, or credit or debit card. If you have any of these details applied while you were doing the purchase, the store will help you find the original receipt. However if you do not have any such record of the purchase, the store will either provide a merchandise credit for the current selling price in less 20% or it will complete a corporate refund request to research the original purchase.

There is one more option of completing an exchange for the current selling price less than 20% if none of the former two options would work. Finally, once your request has been completed:

  • The store will complete merchandise refund or an exchange for the amount paid to the original form of payment if the original purchase is located.
  • However, in case the store could not locate the original purchase but the refund request is approved, you will get a refund to a merchandise credit for the current selling price less 20%.

Return to the Processing Center

Just to cope up with the events of returning any items that you have shopped, return postage labels are included with every purchase from the online store. This return postage label is very easy to get with each purchase, however, if by any mistake you did not get your postage label, you can go to the Easy Return section here and print free shipping label for the return of your goods. You can contact at 1-800-GO-BEYOND for any returns from APO, FPO, US Territories and Military Post Office. You can also email at to get further instructions.

Once you get the original packing invoice form, you need to first circle whatever item you wish to return. Then select a reason why you are returning the product which you can find at the back of your invoice. Make sure you enter its number next to the circled item. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you provide your telephone number. Once that is done, you need to detach the top of invoice form’s copy and keep it with as a record. Now, take the left part of the copy (the bottom part) and enclose it with the items that you are returning.

In order to return the products, make sure you are packing them the same way you received the package – all intact and secure. Use your regular FedEx service to return the package by scheduled pick up or drop off at a FedEx location. Lastly, if you still have any question in mind or any query that you want answered, you can contact bed body and beyond return policy by dialing 1-800-GO-BEYOND.

If FedEx is not your thing, and you want to avail other option as your return service then you can return the items via US Postal Service. We along with the company recommend you to make sure your packaging is all intact and ready to shipment. Do not forget to enclose your original invoice along with the package and send it through US Postal Service on the following address.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Returns Processing / Door 39

1001 West Middlesex Avenue

Port Reading, New Jersey 07064


Before finishing off this informative piece of article, we want you to keep certain things in mind before making any returns.


  • Bed body and beyond will not refund any delivery, assembling or shipping charges on the items.
  • Gift cards from the store are non-refundable.
  • There are separate policies for the products that have been purchased via truck delivery returns, which include items that are large with scheduled delivery that cannot be sent via FedEx.


The aforementioned are some easy peasy details that are need to kept in mind before applying for the returns at the bed body and beyond. Even though the store has done some amazing job with its purchase policy which is why there is hardly ever any need to return your products, we still recommend reading these tips before indulging in this business. By the end of the day, it is all certain that the store itself does not want the customers to involve in any kind of hassle that might lead to any discomfort. Happy shopping from us to you!

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